Tentative date for Team Signup
12/11/2017 - We are looking at Saturday Jan 27th as our signup date, we will confirm this date. All the paper work for 2018 we be in the download section before Christmas. Tentative date for first practice will be Saturday Feb 17th. Our practices for 2018 will be run the same as last year, our mid-school and under students at 10:00AM to Noon, our High School Students at 12:30PM to 2:30PM. As always you can attend either practice if it works out better for you and your family. We will be handing out to our Student Athletes that earned Letters in 2017 at our first practice.

Note from the Midway USA Foundation
10/25/2017 - We just handed out nearly $3 million to shooting teams...including yours! As an active shooting team in the MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Program, we have some exciting news to share. We recently allocated nearly $3 million in earnings and your shooting team benefited. That's like free money! We are proud to be able to offer this growth to our shooting teams. This year, we have now added over $10 million in earnings across all of our endowments that hold a balance. That is real impact! Changing the future of youth shooting sports is a team effort and we thank you for being part of that team! We received about $4,000 from this amount into our Endowment Account thru The Midway USA Foundation, Thank You Midway USA

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